The Best Solar on the Planet, and it comes with a Lowest Price and Performance Guarantee.


"In today’s competitive market for residential solar, it's not enough for potential customers to hear from you that your company is awesome. In fact, after years of cold callers and door knockers peddling the same hyped sales pitches for “free solar” or huge money savings that turned out to be false or at least misleading, homeowners have become suspicious of claims that solar companies make about their own offerings."

Forget the Hype, forget the "Our System is Better" claims.
That's like saying, "Sure, our Watt may be more expensive but it's a better Watt."
Do you really think your Toaster can tell the difference between their power and ours?

There is actually very little difference in the technology from one company to another so what it all boils down to is the Price Per Watt of Power Delivered!  Why pay more than you should?
History has been made

1st Around the World Solar Flight

The CEO and Founder of SolarImpulse, the first Round the World Solar Powered Plane, has something to say on the topic.
Going Solar is an Opportunity and NOT about saving the planet.

Cut through all the "Save the Planet" hype and it's about One Thing...Saving Money.

Going Solar ONLY makes sense if you Save Money

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Solar Buyers Club

If you are even remotely considering Solar Power you Need to Get the Facts. Cut through the pushy sales presentations and "Save the Planet" stuff and it boils down to One Thing. SAVING MONEY.  
But as Dr. Piccard said above, you will do it for your interests, not for the sake of others.
This Video pretty much says it all.

NOBODY beats our Price

We invite you to shop around, in fact you should, but it's more than price.
We've been around for 10 years and will be around for another 10.
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How do we Stack Up?

We now have the ability to reach customers throughout the U.S. 
With our partner, SolarDirect, we are seeking team leaders in each major market to spread the word about Affordable Solar.
If you want to see just How we Stack up to the competition, Check This Out.

Above and Beyond

We don't just stop at Solar Power, we will soon be offering a complete range of products and services that make your system SMART.

We are a Buyers Club, not a manufacturer. This allows us to take our network of distributors to a solar product manufacturer and obtain contarcts to market their products.
In the coming weeks and months you will see some very interesting things from Dozens of major partnerships,

Saving Money

Save Money on the One thing you MUST buy...Electricity. When you turn on your light switch you don't really think about saving the planet. But turning on that light switch does have an impact and no matter which side of the climate change debate you are on there can be no doubt of the Side Benefit of Going Solar.
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Worldwide Opportunity

Underestand that there is a tremendous Solar Window of Opportunity here.
For starters you can join us for FREE and if you want to refer others and earn money it's just a nominal investment.
Not a bad deal for joining the Fastest Growng Industry on the Planet.

Record Year

2016 saw a Record 95% Increase in
Solar Power Installations Worldwide.

Early predictions weren't even close and most worldwide news organizations were shocked. Bloomberg first broke the information followed shortly by numerous sources including Goldman Sachs'.
Watch the Goldman Sachs' video.  What we have seen to date is Just the Beginning!


Incredible Exclusive  Technology

No other company has our system. Watch the videos and you'll understand.
We are changing the Face of the World with Affordable Solar Power to the Masses.

Direct Marketing arm of SolarDirect, a 31 Year Old,
Debt Free Company Headquartered in Sarasota, FL.
AAA+ BBB Rated.
75,000 Installations Nationwide.
Now available in 16 states and Puerto Rico, and growing FAST.

Solar is the Fastest Growing Industry in the USA and Worldwide.
We aren't a middleman, we are the Installers.
Solar is reaching the Tsunami Stage.
There is a 5 Year Window of Opportunity.

Offering Residential, Commercial Solar, Solar Pool Heaters, Solar Hot Water heaters & more.

Our pricing is 40 to 50 % less than ANY Competitor Nationwide.
This gives us a 30 to 50% closing ratio.
A Possibility for a 
6-figure Income.

“ We Make Electric Bills Disappear! "
Install Solar for Less than your Electric Bill.

What you Do

Our System takes all that High Sales Commission and applies it to YOU, the Customer
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    Solar Buyers Club

    First, join the Solar Buyers Club for FREE.
    This will give you access to group buying power and the engineers at Solar Direct who will design a quote for your home.

  • Our System Works

    How it works

    We eliminate the costly sales rep from the solar equation which reduces the cost of installing Solar by about half. For that reason, it's cheaper than your electric bill in most circumstances when financed, and even less expensive if you can pay cash for a system. This tipping point in Solar Cost has created the right circumstances for a wave across the country that began in Sunny South Florida.

  • You Don't need to be a customer to join our CashBackSolar system.
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    Why you Join First

    You don't need to put Solar on your home to join us.
    You can take advantage of our CashBackSolar referral program for just $75 one time (waived for all of August) and only $25 a month. This is an amazing incentive program for referring solar customers that will pay you many times and can get Very Interesting.

  • If you go Solar with us, you are Automatically IN our system.

    CashBackSolar Club

    This is Income By Accident!
    When you get your solar system on your home your neighbors will show up and ask questions. Chances are they have been approached by one of those high priced, high pressure companies and when you tell them what you paid they will be Amazed.
    Now here is the cool part. Because you got your solar system you are Automatically enrolled in the CashBackSolar system with No up-front and No Monthly fees for 90 days.  You even get your own referral link so when those neighbors start asking questions, you simply refer them to your link.  Folks, this is FOUND money and everyone wins.  You make a referral fee, your neighbor gets an Incredible price on a system, and I win because I also make a little money.

  • You don't have to do anything, just refer them to your link. 
    You may not use it but it's there, and why wouldn't you use it when it's basically FREE for 90 days?


    As a Thank-you for referring them, you can start making overrides. But guess what, when they refer someone they make an override BUT SO DO YOU. This can go down a few levels and can get interesting.
    And all you did was tell someone how much you saved by going with Solar Buyers Club.

Ready to Get Started?

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FYI:  Our team leader is the same guy who has a site you may have seen.  Living Off the Grid. 

Watch as he explains why he is involved with Solar Buyers Club.

We are currently working on a Team site that will keep everyone in the loop.  Coming soon, our Push Button Marketing system as well as our exclusive TalkingPage system.

First Join as a Free Member by filling out the information on the link. Note the "upload your latest electricity bill" link just before the Submit button. We need this information so one of our engineers will go to work and get back to your with the informaiton you need. No pushy sales person will call, you can check it out on your own.
If you don't have an electric bill in the proper format that you can send try this free converter. Don't sign up for anything there, just use their free tool.
If you don't have a way to scan a copy of your bill we will need to talk and I can guide you. 
(Note, when you contact me I will NEVER pester you. This is a Do-it-Yourself quote and I honor that.
Contact me if you like, Dr. Rick Mayer,