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Considering Solar Power? You need to get the Facts.
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We don't just stop at Solar Power, we offer a complete range of products and services that make your system SMART.

From Electrical Emissions, EMF, Smart Monitoring systems, State-of-the-Art Battery systems, Super Effecient LED Lighting, even SolarWater...We have it All.  The beauty is we are a Co-op and have Dozens of major partnerships,

Saving Money

Let's face it, By Far the biggest reason you would consider going solar is to SAVE MONEY.

No matter which side of the climate change debate you are on that fact is Certain.
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Worldwide Opportunity

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Record Year

2016 saw a Record 95% Increase in
Solar Power Installations Worldwide.

Early predictions weren't even close and most worldwide news organizations were shocked. Bloomberg first broke the information followed shortly by numerous sources including Goldman Sachs'.
Watch the Goldman Sachs' video.  What we have seen to date is Just the Beginning!


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