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Solar Site Design wasthe Winner of the Prestegious SunShot Award presented by the United States Department of Energy.

The Project R.O.I.

Owners and Facility Managers are more interested in the Return on Investment than Saving the Planet.

Expected PayBack

Any Sharp businessman looks at the Payback.
Here is a Happy one.

Creative Financing

Many companies out there struggle in this area because they don't have the total system in place.  Continue below.

Our State-of-the-Art Commercial System.

The BEST Installers throughout the United States.


We have partnered with over 50 Commercial Installers in every state but Alaska. Each installer competes to win our Originator projects through a competitive bid process.
See SolarSiteDesign for a few of our current projects now on the books.


Our Installers use the Best Technology for a given area. Since we don't dictate which company they use the result is the Highest Quality at the Most Affordable Price.
Best Price on the Best System.

No Comparison

Each installer pays a fee to be a part of our organization and commercial clients are assured they are dealing with the Very Best in any given area. Why? They compete against eachother for your business.

Our Solar Site Design partnership puts us in a League of our Own.

If you are in the market for a Commercial Solar System, even if you are already talking with someone else, you might want to contact us as like most folks, you will be pleasantly surprised. Most folks find that there is really no comparison.
For instance, let's take our GRIDZ System.
GRIDZ is Commercial Grade Advanced Energy Management.  The video says it all. There really isn't another system like this out there, period. Other companies have systems but none are as powerful or robust.
Here is How it Works.

No other company Even Comes Close!

Another reason we have been so successful in the commercial arena is our MEASURZ system.
Check it out and you'll see why so many Owners and Facilities Managers rely on it so much.
See it in Action.  MEASURZ is a cloud based energy management system created to track things like energy production, consumption, system health and cost efficiency in Real Time.

Everyone on the Same Page

Commercial Projects take on a complexity of their own, from initial consultations to project scope, goals, engineering, design, project approval and financing, right on through to installation. There are usually many players involved and with other companies coordination of the project can be an issue.
Not with CREW because of our partnership with Solar SiteDesign.
When you are dealing with a CREW partner you know you will be getting the best possible system at the best possible price, including a tremendous service plan...all designed to make your R.O.I. better than ANY Other System...PERIOD.

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