Cash Back Solar

Forget all you have heard about the Expense of going solar

We have an Exlcusive System to Spread the Word.

This can get Very Interesting in a Short amount of time.
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Push Button Marketing System

We aren't trying to convince anyone of Anything. We just Push Buttons.

How many times have you walked into a store and the associate approaches you with the standard "Can I help you?"  How many times have you wanted to say, "Why, do I look that helpless?" 
We give the average prospect credit for having a certain amount of intelligence. We don't need to stand there and Convince or Sell.  We just direct them to our system and let them evaluate on their own.

In fact, we encourage prospects to Shop our Price.

Solar has turned into a Commodity item and we are using the Walmart Model...Deliver Quality in Volume at the Best Price.

This is why we have the CashBackSolar program.
What could be Better?
No Selling, No Convincing.
Just showing folks how they Save Money every month on the One Thing they MUST buy, their Electricity.  And in doing that, we make money.

Our system works because people Love Saving Money.

You MUST buy Electricity anyway.

What if you could save a LOT of money for a few years, and then SAVE IT ALL because your power bill simply goes away?

Our system sells itself.

When people see your solar panels they start asking questions. When you tell them what you paid they REALLY start asking questions.

Your Marketing System.

You just direct people to your system and let it do the work.
Nobody likes being sold, but EVERYONE likes saving money and our system shows tehm how.

The Process

Use your App

We take Push Button Marketing to the next level.
Why Tell when you can SHOW?

They engage and evaluate on their own

People don't like being sold but they Do like discovering profitable deals.
We let our system do the talking.

It won't be hard for them to make the decision

After all, who doesn't like Saving or Making Money?

we virtually have NO competition

If somene is even THINKING about going Solar we will get the business because NOBODY can match our pricing. Folks it all boils down to Price and We are KING in that arena.