Some Breakthroughs

What is a Smart Home?

You have heard the term but just How does this apply to you?
We take this concept to a totally new level, see for yourself.

Check it Out.

The backbone of our system is still the Homeowner.

As more and more folks step into the Solar Age we are developing what we call Solar Districts.

Here is one such district.

How is it all Paid For?

First of all, you want to OWN your system over a Lease as there are Far More Benefits starting out with You keeping the Energy Tax Credit which can mean Money Into Your Pocket.

Second, we have numerous financing options available,
Including this one in Many Areas, as signed into law by Pres. Obama.

Where is it all Heading?

The Solar Industry is Changing to not just a Grid Synergistic system (see below), but to a Community Splar powerd system as well.

So What is Meant by Community Solar.
Click Here for the Very Beginnings. 
Our system takes this to a Whole New Level, coming soon.   

Community in Vermont

The concept is simple.  Here is a Vermont community that is trying it out but there are a few issues. It normally takes a Utility to start the project and it's expensive.
We are taking this to the next step with our SolarClub system where you don't do an up front investment. We will be the First and Only doing this Nationwide.
It's not available in all areas yet due to regulations, but coming soon.
Imagine being able to have a local Church host the solar panels for all the surrounding homes and apartments, and each person who wants in buys the solar power they want, and the church earns a nice monthly revenue stream. Now imagine it's aready plugged into the power bill through the local Utility.  You save money, the church makes money...everybody wins.   (Just around the corner.)

Grid Synergy

A Major Advantage of dealing with CREW is the ability to have a monitoring system that lets you know exactly What is going on and When regarding your new solar system.
It's about Total Control.  See What This Means.

Complete Systems

Components of Energizer 200

This video will give you a better understanding of just Why our battery technology is Superior.
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Introducing MEASURZ

See how it works with your new Energizer 200 system, it's the monitoring Dachboard for your Home.

Explaining LineZ and LoadZ

How to take the system to the next level.