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NOT an MLM, we are a Buyers Club

Incredible Opportunity

How many times have you looked at an Opportunity that just didn't feel right?
They wanted a Large Up-Front investment and a heavy Monthly Fee.  In one now and struggling?

Incredible Deal

We know what we have, we don't have to charge a large up front fee and heavy monthly fee.
In addition, WE SUPPLY the tools and systems you need to succeed.
Our systems are State-of-the-Art and are here to Help you in Your Business.

Largest Coverage

We have the Largest Footprint in both Residential and Commercial Solar of ANY COMPANY and we'll soon be in every state!
Combine that with the Absolute BEST Pricng, it's a win-win deal for everyone.

Push Button Marketing

We bring the tools of our Smarter.Marketing division to aid here.
We are experts in helping small businesses succeed and are a division of BizHelpCenter.
Success is all about how easily is it for you to dublicate.  
Question, can you push buttons?


Not only can you do business virtually anywhere, Nobody can touch your pricing.
We are essentially bring the Walmart Model to the Solar industry, You have heard of them haven't you? They are pretty good at delivering what customers want at the best price.

Look for the Red Flags

We are a Buyers Club, we aren't an MLM.
Ever wonder why so many folks struggle in Home Based Businesses? The RED FLAGS got them.


We are developing a short presentation on the compensation plan.
Once it's done you can click on this emblem to see how it works.

In closing...

Ask yourself if you are like the folks in the video just below.
How many have you missed?  Tired of trying Multi Level Marketing?